About Us

The Oneberrie™ Story: As a first time mom I, like most of us, spent a number of weeks struggling through the usual bath towel battle: chin, teeth, floors… anyone? Those munchkins are terrifying when dry let alone slippery and wet so why does taking our little bundles of joy out of the bath have to feel like a like a high-risk maneuver? Or even a tidal wave in our very own bathroom soaking everything in its path?!

Sue-Rose with baby in a Oneberrie baby bath towelEventually, in the throes of one of these chaotic mom moments, Oneberrie™ & our first product Bare.Bundle™ was born… Keeping our roots local, Oneberrie™ is proudly based in the Canadian Rockies and the beautiful lake-town of Invermere, British Columbia. ‎

Our mission is to provide FUNCTIONAL, STYLISH, VERSATILE & SIMPLE solutions to us parents and our bundles.

We have only just started on this journey, so thank you so much for choosing us to share in your precious everyday experiences with your little bundle!

XO Sue-Rose, Oneberrie™

(If you have any questions about the product you have purchased or inquiries about how you can get access to more Oneberrie™ products, please email us oneberrie@gmail.com or visit our website oneberrie.com)

The Bare.Bundle ™ is an original design and PATENT PENDING for all its uses.

No Reproductions allowed.