About Us

The Oneberrie™ Story: This is me Sue-Rose, and yes both names together. I never thought that the Oneberrie story would begin with having babies but I guess the universe had a gap to fill. My background is in Engineering and I have always taken the road less travelled, which is probably the reason for ending up here. 

To be honest, coming from a working routine with a daily to-do list, I struggled around the 3-4 month postpartum mark with new baby routine. i.e.: I needed a little more than eat, sleep, feed, change, repeat. Anyone else???? 

Sue-Rose with baby in a Oneberrie baby bath towelOne night, as if it were a dream (or nightmare haha) Oneberrie™ & our first product, the Bare.Bundle™ towel stepped into my life. Born out of a simple concept, hours of imagination, reasons and research. I took the leap.

I hadn't sewn since Jr. High let alone owned a sewing machine, but who said ideas had to start at perfection.

Keeping our roots local, Oneberrie™ is proudly based in Invermere BC and MADE IN BC AND AB Canada.  ‎

Our mission is to provide SMART, SIMPLE & STYLISH, solutions for modern parenthood. 

Now, my daily story is raising two babies with one on the way, build my business, practice my calligraphy on all your packages and live the life of most people vacation to. I have been blessed.

"A dream is a wish the heart makes... Walt Disney"

XO Sue-Rose, Oneberrie™

(If you have any questions about the product you have purchased or inquiries about how you can get access to more Oneberrie™ products, please email us oneberrie@gmail.com or visit our website oneberrie.com)

The Bare.Bundle ™ is an original design. DESIGN PATENTED and PATENT PENDING for all its uses.

No Reproductions allowed.