new family initiative

Progressive family culture seeks to challenge and transform traditional social norms and power structures, with the goal of creating a more equitable and just workplace, regardless of an employees parental leave status, capacity for pregnancy, or relationship with their manager... unfortunately most cultures fall short.
Our approach is challenging the inclusivity mindsets because it acknowledges that not all employees fit into the traditional mold of pregnancy & family culture and creates a new action, without bias, where new parents are celebrated and recognized in their workplace.

Pregnancy & family culture can often be a sensitive and complex issue especially in the workplace. The change comes with unlearning the age-old space that men are breadwinners and women child-bearers/caregivers to a new space that both men and woman are all of the above; breadwinners, child-bearers and caregivers. In today's standards it is crucial for employers to create an inclusive environment that supports all these roles for their employees. 

By integrating our program, we help employers create this consistent and inclusive message of support that in-turn can have a direct impact on performance, engagement, community and retention of expecting parents who often have the highest value on investment.

It is critical, that employees who do not fall into the traditional status quo culture not be overlooked or excluded from the family community simply because they do not show or share their baby news. By prioritizing inclusivity and diversity for expecting parents, both gestational and non-gestational, we can deepen the workplace family culture and empower all employees and their potential as the multifaceted humans they are.  

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Here are some of the benefits & impacts

Benefit 1

No personal bias on fairness, relatability or relationships. Top down incentive prevents favoritism, forgetfulness and contributes to a more positive sense of community.

Benefit 2

Recognizing caregiving as a shared responsibility between men and women can lead to greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and can offer both men and women the opportunity to grow their careers and families without fear.

Benefit 3

Increased retention by up to 15% and high value on investment from employees who feel seen as both parent and employee by simply being celebrated and recognized for the vulnerable, life-changing milestone of welcoming a baby. 

First-bath Bundle 

What is included in every gift:
1 - Hands Free towel
1 - Matching Washcloth
1 - Matching Bath Swaddle
1 - 2oz Bare. Lotion
1 - Baby Beanie (Can be customized)
1 - How-to Card: Oneberrie Bath Method in 8 steps
1 - Free Shipping across North America (Global available)
1 - Congratulations Card (Can be customized)

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "In a time of constant change internally in our home and externally with a new family member this gift goes a long way in making our family feel a part of my work family! Thank you!

EXCLUSIVE COrporate rate 

What employees have shared with us.

Simple Integration options:


Ideal company : Large Corporations
Offer is presented on the internal company concierge. As shown below.

Employees can select and ship with their work email and special code via
One gift per baby per family. 
Utilization is billed monthly with NET30 terms.
Email us to book a meeting. 


Ideal company : Benefits Providers, Parental Services, Small/Medium Businesses.

An exclusive code is given to each company. Code can be claimed on for a first-bath bundle individually OR Lists of recipients, names and addresses, can be sent via email and fulfilled in bulk by Oneberrie.  

Want to Learn more? Email us. 

Our gift is in collaboration with our partners to their employees. As such, we do not infringe on any gift code of ethics and being under $100 per gift, there are no taxable limitations or restrictions.