Small ripples can extend far and wide in corporate culture and set the tone from the top down. Let's walk the "family-friendly" talk with "caregiver-acknowledging" action.

Pregnancy discrimination & anti-recognition affects all parents and caregivers, not just those taking parental leave and often a culmination of micro-experiences. Even for those who want to be anonymous.

Our small ripple, we recognize caregivers as indispensable team members, embracing their unique skills and transformation. We remove the requirement for peer bottom-up approval. By doing so, we can break down stigma and bias, promoting a culture of equality, empathy, and productivity that benefits all employees and strengthens our organizations. It's about celebrating and supporting diverse caregiving journeys that enrich our workforce and lead to success for everyone.

  • Human Experience

    No personal bias on fairness, relatability or relationships. Top down incentive prevents favoritism, forgetfulness and contributes to a more positive sense of community.

  • DE&I

    Recognizing caregiving as a shared responsibility between men and women can lead to greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and can offer both men and women the opportunity to grow their careers and families without fear.

  • Health & Wellness

    Increased retention by up to 15%. High value on investment from employees who feel seen as both parent and employee by simply being celebrated and recognized for the vulnerable, life-changing milestone of welcoming a baby. 

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True stories | Real Employees

Gay Non-Gestational Parent

We were so excited to start our family but I didn't tell anyone at my work. As a gay non-gestational parent, I wasn't prepared to share more of myself or answer all the questions that would come with it. I removed myself from the family community because being part of it meant disclosing more than I was willing to give.

Solo Adoptee Parent

I was a solo adoptee parent and had been working at the company for over 10 years. My boss, a father himself, was so begrudged with me choosing to take leave. He completely blocked any acknowledgement at work. He was a gate keeper of joy. Sure, I could have made a complaint, but at that point, it wasn't worth the effort. I didn't return

Full gratitude

An employee had called to ask what the protocol for our initiative was before he ordered. He wanted to know whether he had to disclose his family's pregnancy or if we would. I reassured him that we do not share and that was for him to do when her was ready. He was so grateful for the inclusion of his workplace as well as the respect for his privacy.

The Best

Both my babies were celebrated at work. It was such a wonderful experience and they had a mini baby shower for me like my wife had at home. I could have never imagined someone would do that for me. I am still at the company today.

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