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Bath Swaddle - 2 pack

Bath Swaddle - 2 pack

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 Startle Reflex No More. Swaddle up.

Our Bath Swaddles AKA COZYS are designed to provide a cozy womb-like experience for babies during bath time. Its an anti-slip support that helps ensure a safe and secure bath experience, providing peace of mind to parents.

We're all about the experience

  • A swaddle bath is a technique in which you loosely wrap a newborn in a swaddle blanket and immersed in a tub of warm water covered.
  • Each limb is unwrapped, washed, & swaddled again one by one.
  • Don't be fooled, size matters and bigger here isn't better.
  • Swaddle baths provide a womb-like environment, keeps baby comfortable.
  • Swaddle baths are known to reduce distress in newborns.
  • Our Cozy is sized at 28"x32"

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "We tried the swaddle trick and it WORKED! How did I not know this. We swear by swaddle baths now." Ginny


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5 Benefits of Great Baths


Our babies are the most magical part of us. As nurturers, it is crucial that we use every opportunity we have with our children to nurture, love and help them grow resilient and healthy brains. Since baths are necessary, it’s a perfect opportunity to bond with them and give them the attention, touch, and sweet memories they deserve in a calm, and supported way for you both.

Body Science

When your child is having a warm bath the blood comes to the surface of their skin, this process is called vasodilation. The warming of the body means these blood vessels are open, so when they leave the bath their body temperature will drop a reasonable amount before triggering distress signals.

If they remain calm, this body temperature drop will allow them to fall asleep easier, lower their chances of waking up and also encourage sleeping longer.

Fresh & Clean

Babies are never really dirty but they do get touched and kissed by everyone in their family. While it doesn’t feel or seem like much, having a nice warm bath will help refresh and clean their sensitive skin from even the most invisible germs. No need for soap every time.

Fussy baby? Baths are a great way to move gas because baby is relaxed and "floating" in water.

Minimal Tears

We prioritize comfort and joy to new parents and their precious infants during bath time. We design products with the utmost care to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for babies as they transition in and out of the water. We understand that babies communicate through crying, and as responsible parents, it is our duty to provide them with comfort, lend a compassionate ear, and minimize any unnecessary distress.

Our goal is to foster healthy connections in their developing brains while making bath time a soothing and memorable moment for both baby and parent

Bedtime Routine

Having a routine before bed is extremely important for little ones. Repeating the same routine each night will mean that they know sleep is coming and allows them to wind down. It is a great way to move gas and reset awake and sleep hours.

  • What we believe?

    "I believe parents deserve MORE : More Function, More Sharing, More Connections. Modern parents are commited to learning new and better ways to parent and experience. We are committed to offering those new and better ways" SR

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