Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your products actually Made in Canada?

We are DESIGNED, SEWN, PACKAGED and SHIP from Canada : BC, AB and ON. 

2. What size should I get?

It really depends on where you are at bath-time. If you are doing first baths or newborns baths, never done baths yet, our REGULAR size will be perfection for that tiny baby. It has 3x more fabric goodness than a standard square towel. If you have done baths and wish you had more, choosing our LARGE will be just the thing. 

3. I have towels already, why do I need this one?

Honestly, if you are truly happy with how your current towel feels and supports you during bath-time, you don't. But if 1) this is your first baby and you have no idea what you are doing, It's a game changer from the first use for you and baby or 2) If you are wanting more from your towel for a better experience like more predictable, intuitiveness, size, softness, longevity, the large is perfection or if 3) you are curating baby products made in Canada with sustainable goals, Oneberrie towels and essentials are for you. We prioritize function and purpose so you can prioritize closeness and trust.

4. Don't I need a hood?

When we created our towels, we wanted to focus on the best way to bath a newborn start to finish with a clean, simple, safe and functional process in mind. When you bath a baby from top down, Head to Toe, the need for a hood becomes redundant. Newborns who loose so much heat from their heads; washing and drying it first removes all the extra hassle.

5. Why does it cost this much?

That depends on what you value for your baby's development and first experiences. We value innovation for today's conscious parent who prioritizes nurturing with intuitive functionality that supports and empowers a close and trust filled experience for both parent and baby. We value being Made in Canada and offering employment in our community to moms. We value homes that aren't full of clutter and products that last beyond infanthood. We are the bath sheet of baby towels with 3x the fabric of a regular square towel. We want you to invest in ONE and be enjoy the ordinary. 

6. How do I care for my towels?

Flannel and Bamboo fabrics don't like hard agitation. Pilling is not a fabric flaw and can be reduced with gentle washing. We recommend you wash all of our products on a delicate cycle using cold water and tumble dry low. Treat it well and it will stay soft and cozy ensuring it will last as your little grows. 

Our towels are Design Patented and Utility Patented in NORTH AMERICA.