Innovating Ordinary. 


"I believe parents deserve mORE MOMENTS, not more things. We are committed to simpler, better & sustainable products that not only innovate the ordinary but create beautiful moments too"

This is me Sue-Rose, and yes both names together. Mom of three: G/B/G. First generation canadian with south african roots. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I never thought that the Oneberrie story would begin with having babies. I guess the universe had a gap to fill and the stars of crazy lined up for me. I am a Professional Engineer, a curious mind and have always taken the road less travelled, which is probably the reason I ended up here.

I have worked very hard to get here and I know everyone knows a seamstress somewhere. We love that. Our patents  are design and utility patents. Thank you for supporting us instead of copying us. 
I am cheering for you and you are amazing. 

xOXO -  SR

Bath-times are beautiful

New parents are Inundated with new products and must-have list when they learn they are expecting.  We learn everything from sleep to nursing to safety. We don't learn about bath time... unless its from our grandmas or moms.

We want to change that. We have built our BATH METHOD on the process my mamma taught my mom who taught me combined with the process that makes maternity nurses pro-baby bathers.
We want every parenthood experience to have safe, simple and connected baths whether it is your first or third baby. 
Designed for moms, Made for babies.

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Our mission

Our Mission Is To Provide parents with more Moments and less ill-fitting products. We are committed to fostering experiences and connection for new and repeat parents/caregivers. ONEBERRIE IS INNOVATING ORDINARY ESSENTIALS because parenthood is a collection of moments, it's about time and love and connection.



When we recognize the common source of our humanity, dreams, longings, hopes and fears we are able to see that we are all joined together in the great miracle of existence. We strive for sustainability and taking care of the present and the future. We partner with suppliers who make the conscience choice to care too whether they are in Canada or abroad. Together we can do better to serve better.  

All our packaging is 100% recyclable and all our textile waste is transformed or recycled.


Parenthood in itself is a personal experience and the mother of all invention is NECESSITY. All our products have been made to fit a gap in my own life as a mom, each product carefully designed. I know for some it may seem silly, for others there is nothing wrong with a square ill fitting towel created in the revolution because there grandmas, grandma used it. I get that its ok. We are for moms and dads who want more out of their products. 


In a world full of stuff, we want to reduce our impact. Our towels are made to last from one child to the next. We will warn you though, they may get attached to the print and never want to let it go. 

Parents deserve more moments, not more things.