5 truths of nurture that parents achieve with our bath essential

1. Love

Babies never choose dysregulation. Their behavior is not a choice, it's a message that they are not able to cope with something. They need safety and compassion. Baths are one of the first most vulnerable experiences you will share with them. We want the love to be extraordinary.

2. Nature

All babies, regardless of their temperaments, require their needs to be met. Ignoring them—whether day or night—does not alter this fundamental truth. Babies are born with varying temperaments: approximately 40% are easygoing, 10% have high needs, 5-15% are slow to warm up, and 35% exhibit a combination of these traits. We prioritize all their experiences, One size fits all.

3. Your brain

Research confirms that the during the first two months, the logical, rational part of the mothers brain goes "Offline" which allows her brain to sync with her baby's needs. With this offline prefrontal cortex, bathing a newborn isn't a typical or logical experience. Our towels nurture you as you are. Simply button it around your neck, bathe and hug & wrap them into your chest. Motherhood is a journey.

4. Soft & Smart

Most "luxury" baby towels are $35 to $65+. They vary in thickness, absorbency, sizes, and loop textures. However, there’s a common thread: they all come as squares with a hood and ZERO support on how to use, best practices, and/or reminder instructions. We know babies don't keep, so we make sure to cover all their milestones and stages.

5. Better sleep

Baths are more than just hygiene; they’re a soothing elixir for your little one’s sleep! Remember that a good bath ending creates a calm segue to bedtime and can help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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